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 Tired of words ..

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Jigolo Jay
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Jigolo Jay

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Tired of words .. Empty
PostSubject: Tired of words ..   Tired of words .. Icon_minitimeFri Sep 04, 2009 5:24 am

JJ walks silently into the Gym .. where it see's Adam training ..

From his back appears Doru ..

Jigolo Jay : Hey Doru .. Look I'm sorry for what I said Friday .. We're also a tag team ..

Doru : Well ... Yer right ... we are a tag team ..

Jigolo Jay : Greate Im happy you accepted my appologyes..

Doru goes to train ..

JJ leaves the training room and
Suddenly He appears with a Basketball Bat hitting Doru from behind ..

SLAMM !!! BANG !!!

JJ sneaks out of the room and hides ..

Doru Gets Up not knowing who did it ... He sees Adam ... And thinks he did it ..

Doru : Okay Adam we will talk about it ..
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Tired of words ..
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