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 Somethings Wrong ...

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Jigolo Jay
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Jigolo Jay

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PostSubject: Somethings Wrong ...   Somethings Wrong ... Icon_minitimeFri Sep 04, 2009 5:54 am

*15 minutes till the Friday Night show*

The camera shows the parking lot ... And where waiting our RCW wrestrels to arrive ..
A black car appears ...

Somethings Wrong ... Jjcar

From it It comes out .. The newest member of RCW ... Jigolo Jay ... with another Man that its not a member of the roster ...

The hidden camera goes closly to them ..

Jigolo Jay : So all you have to do its make Doru scream in pain before my match with him starts .. Okay ?

The Man : And where shall I find Doru ?? Is it here ? He arrived ? .. Yer match with him its the first on the list so I have only 10 minutes till it starts the show ...

Jigolo Jay : Look I can't help you I need to be in the ring ... at that time ..

The Man : I hope I can manage ..

The Man Goes near the car and gets from it a Basketball Bat ...

The Man : Lets see If Doru can manage to win the match after i manage with him ...

Suddenly Doru's Car appears too .

The Man Hides in JJ's Car ..

Doru Goes near JJ's car and with a short knife tries to unblock a door ..

Doru : Lets see what JJ has to hide ...

! BANG ! The Man opens the dor hitting Doru with it ...

Doru its knocked down ... While The Man approaches to him with the bat ..

The Man : Think you can stole a car without any punishment ?!

! BANG ! ! SLAMM ! ! BANG !

Suddenly Some bodyguard see what happends and start running in that direction ..

The Man : Damn it ... I don't have enought time ..

The Man swings the bat and trows it into JJ's car breaking his window and hides under a car ..

The bodyguards arrive but not in time to caught That Man ..

They get Doru Up and take him to the backstage to prepear for the fight ..
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Somethings Wrong ...
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