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PostSubject: victory ...   victory ... Icon_minitimeSat Sep 05, 2009 2:05 am

*The arena goes dark and some blue and Wrath24 music entrace starts to play...Wrath24 makes his way to the ring with Space Trucker.They got in hand mics
Wrath24:Ok!I'm here to show you stupid fans what i told you last show!Don't remeber...?
*Wrath24 starts laughing with space trucker...
Wrath24:So look here now we rule in NFC because we got the new junior tag team titles and the loser Riddick and Kali no... HA HA HA!
*The fans are getting very angry!
Wrath24:By the way i so interested who will gonna ask for a chance to titles!I tell you from now that all the interested guys in taking our titles will got problems here so i will not have mercy with someone!
Wrath24 looks at Space Trucker...
Wrath24:So Space Trucker let's see who will come here for our titles ha ha ha!
*They start laughing again and again looking for someone to come ...
Wrath24:it will be a long show tonight so let's make us comfortable!
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