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PostSubject: thanks you   thanks you Icon_minitimeSat Sep 05, 2009 2:16 am

*Wrath24 and Space Trucker knocks at the door...
Jason Silva:Come in!
Wrath24:Hi boss i'm here for thanking you for that chance!Space Trucker wants to thanks you too..
Jason Silva:I see..!Ok guys you used your chance and now you are the winners so why you are not so happy?
Wrath24:I don't know i feel so bad when the fans doesnt likes me!
Jason Silva:You should be more good with the fans and don't tell them again stupid fools and athor things like that!
Wrath24:I'l try boss!
Jason Silva:Go prepare yourself maybe you will fight tonight!And if you excuse i got some documents to sing...!Bye Wrath24 and Space Trucker!
Wrath24:Ok boss i go now bye...
*Wrath24 and Space Trucker leaves the GM office heading for their locker room...
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thanks you
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