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 Mapoko's Introduction.

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Mapoko's Introduction. Empty
PostSubject: Mapoko's Introduction.   Mapoko's Introduction. Icon_minitimeSun Sep 20, 2009 7:34 pm

Well, Ill start with this - I lost my gimmick with the deletion of my old fed's forum scratch

It was heel/tweener. Grumpy outsider that acts like heel or face depending on the situation . Whatever is in his gain. So - Tweener.
It was besed on his bike, his hottie and the tattoos/piercings. His body structure is Tall, strong enough to lift 150kg guy with ease, but agile/flexible. Like ... lets see ... Maybe Batista, but with less muscle mass and more tattoos. His GF is named "Didona" and he is verry proud with his finishers and likes to injure/humiliate the opponents with em.

But I want a little change this season.
Last 2 days Im out of inspiration (more like I have no time ot sit on the PC) so I barely made a sample for the tag tournament.
Whoever feel inspired/got time feel free to help a little.
LOL actualy if I work a little on the description and guidances Ive made I may manage to hit a storyline Razz Too tired for that tho.

Anyone good with making SWF introductions ? Maybe JJ ? I can make them, but frankly I have no Wrestling materials to put inthere. If someone have the time to do it Ill specify what wrestling moves and theme song I like.
The song is 4:30, but its OK to make it 60-90 sec and put it few times Laughing
What the ... Ill just say what moves I want :
Something simbolizing my finishers. Something like Tornado DDT + Pin (the closest "real" move) for my "The M V T"
And something like Power Bomb or Samoan drop on something on the floor. It was table before but I realized its too unrealistic for TWG so its Chair this time. But I want something real powerful (suplex like) Not like Clothesline on a chair. Thats for my "The T E S T"
Hopefule there will be some wrestle maniacs with good material on their PC Smile
Some frames with The "Imbalanced Spinecracker" Mapoko and "Can you pass The T E S T ?" can make some fillers.
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Mapoko's Introduction. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Mapoko's Introduction.   Mapoko's Introduction. Icon_minitimeMon Sep 21, 2009 9:47 am

welcome to rcw Razz although you'r here for a couple of days Razz
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Mapoko's Introduction.
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