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 Rebelious bmg

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PostSubject: Rebelious bmg   Rebelious bmg Icon_minitimeMon Sep 21, 2009 7:39 pm

(bmg runs into the lockeroom and slams the door)

bmg: Son of a...... (takes a deep breath) These guards just wont give up. I have to get to the gm office, I have an urge to cause trouble tonight, and with this random attempt to ban me from the show, that makes me definitely wanna come to work today.

(bmg grabs a steel chair and bashes the skull of a security guard who ran in)

bmg: Ok then, next one to walk in may get hurt.

(bmg awaits as someone approaches the door)

(bmg stands back as the door opens, but a cat walks in)

bmg: Anticlimatic?

(bmg picks up the cat and throws it in a trash can)

bmg: I dont have time for this crap.

(bmg leaves the lockeroom)
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Rebelious bmg
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