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 For 09.10 - "After the Debute on 02.10."

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For 09.10 - "After the Debute on 02.10." Empty
PostSubject: For 09.10 - "After the Debute on 02.10."   For 09.10 - "After the Debute on 02.10." Icon_minitimeMon Sep 21, 2009 10:07 pm

*backstage after the Tag team match (Mapoko & Michael Bay VS Van.TaO & Art Michael) *
*Mapoko and Michael Bay are walking to the locker rooms*
Mapoko : Whooo! Did you saw how the fans go berserk ? I never tought that wiping the floor with some prick will get us such a cheer.
MB : I feel sorry for Michael, but he have to be careful who is messing with.
*A monitor in the corridor turns on and both wrestlers stop*
*On the monitor there is a picture from the ring. Van.TaO is reaching for a microphone still lying on his belly*
Van.TaO : So ... you pricks cant even win a match with fairplay ? Whats with the haste to go outside ? We saw what you two are.
*an assistant is giving a mic to the wrestlers*
Mapoko : The !@#$ ...
Van.TaO : Yes, all the fans who was cheering heard what do you think of them !
MB : Oh ... Seems when you sign you contract here you trow the privacy in the garbage ...
*Mapoko is laughing*
Mapoko : So ...
*Mapoko is checkign his watch*
Mapoko : 10 minutes and you are still there lying ? Need a Medic ?
Van.TaO : NO ! I want you. I will make you scream for mercy ! But without dirty tricks and ANY, I mean ANY, backup !
Mapoko : Ha ! Ive beaten you already and Ill beat you again ... Any time.
MB : Come on, man, leave this prick alone. Stop teasing him.
Mapoko : Naaah, I love to humiliate "people" like him. Im going to see if there is a spot in the next show and I will jsut squash him. You can stay BEHIND the commentator's table and just watch for intruders.
*Mapoko is heading to the GM office and Micheal bay is going to the locker rooms*
*In GM's office *


If we have matches in the tag tournament Feel free to set a date for 3rd or 4th week. via RP ofc Razz
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For 09.10 - "After the Debute on 02.10."
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