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 the statement

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PostSubject: the statement   the statement Icon_minitimeTue Sep 22, 2009 3:11 pm

Oromius music starts to play as he walks down the titan tron.

The crowd doesn't know what to say as they see a supestar they still don't know very well. Some already love him some already hate him.

He enters the ring and grabs a mic from the center of the ring.

Oromius: Yes I know the question that roams your head by now ; you're thinking why am I here. Well as you know , at least should I have a scheduled match against riddick

He shuts and walks in circles for a bit the crowd his quiet waiting.

Oromius: .... but not a normal match is a..... Last Blood match. THis matches are not to show who's faster, stronger or more technical ... It's all about will, THE WILL TO WIN; THE WILL TO HURTS WHO'S HURTED YOU; THE WILL TO MAKE YOU BLEED TO COMA

The crowd starts sheering as they oversee a good match

Oromius calms down

Oromius: I know i've exalted myself but I'm just too passioned for this job

The only win I have in this fed is in a tag match ; some even say I can't win alone. I DON'T CARE WHAT THEY SAY!!!!

Oromius: Riddick listen well in a while i'll be in ring with you but I promise this great audience here tonight that I will beat the hell out of you and make a statement in this fed. I WAS BORNED TO WIN

Oromius drops the mic and leaves the ring at the sound of his music. The crowd is cheering anxious for this match.
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the statement
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