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 Telan's troubles

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Telan's troubles Empty
PostSubject: Telan's troubles   Telan's troubles Icon_minitimeTue Oct 06, 2009 12:26 am

(OOC : This was sent to me by Telan, who cannot be online. I didnt imagine anything)

Telan enters the Ring with a mic in his hand.

Telan: How came that i was not involved in the NO. 1 CONTENDER match for the RCW Honor Championship last week, but a loser like kurt cobain was ?
I dont like that even a little bit : i am way better then him or any of the other losers in the back so i should get a shot at Lombards Title he never beat me and so do the other losers.

Telan takes a deep breath.

Telan: So what get your a** out here right now George Steel and explaine it too me how dare you not you not too put one of the best in the match.

George Steel gets in out he stops at the ramp and just before he can say anyting you can see one of the spotlight falls down right middle of the ring where Telan was standing.

After the smoke is gone you can only see half of TelanĀ“s body the other half is under the spotlight.
The health personnel and worker rush too the Ring and free Telan and then Telan is carried away on a stretcher.


A shadow watches the scene from behind the entrance.
Man : I don't know why "he" wanted it to be done so fast ... he must have his reasons. The first step is done. Now the second ...
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Telan's troubles
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