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 You Pay Right Now .

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Jigolo Jay
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Jigolo Jay

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You Pay Right Now . Empty
PostSubject: You Pay Right Now .   You Pay Right Now . Icon_minitimeTue Oct 06, 2009 12:56 pm

JJ song starts ...

Crowd goes crazy ! ...

JJ goes to the fans and grabs a mic ..

Jigolo Jay : Erhmm...

Suddenly fans stop cheering ..

JJ goes near the ring entering it ..

Jigolo Jay : Okay so I wanted to solve it quietly but it seems I can't ..Maybe ..Jason Silva knows anything about this problem .. ?!

JJ drops the mic down on the ring floor and goes near the exit backstage ..

Jason Silva entrance starts ...

JJ leaves the arena ..

Jason Silva appears in the ring very happy with a mic in his hand ..

Jason Silva : Hey hey hey .. dear fans ... Its really a pleasure for me ... to hear this man how he tries to solve his problems on his own .. But all he does its to get beaten ..

Jason Silva leaves the arena and a camera follows him ..

Jason Silva : Okay so I'll take you to my office and show you some new contracts ..

Jason Silva gets to his office and slowly opens his door pointing to the camera to come with him ..

Jason Silva enters first .. and when the camera enters BAANGG !

Jason Silva slamms the door in the cameraman's face ..

Jason Silva : Ow NOO !!! JJ you will PAY !!! Remember what I say !!! You will cry for my mercy ... !!!

The cameraman finally gets to enter in the office and we can see the furniture smashed with a hammer and on the wall wroten " You Pay Right Now . JJ "

And the camera ends the fiming ...
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You Pay Right Now .
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