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 JJ radical change .

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Jigolo Jay
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Jigolo Jay

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JJ radical change . Empty
PostSubject: JJ radical change .   JJ radical change . Icon_minitimeWed Oct 07, 2009 2:35 pm

Fire appears all over the arena ..
Crowd is confused ..
A song starts ...
"Highway To Hell"

Crowd goes crazy ! ... Even not knowing whos it ..

When it sings "I'm on the highway to hell" suddenly JJ appears !!!!
JJ has a mic and he sings too ... "HIIIIGHWAAAAYYY TOO HEEEELLL !!!!!!"
Crowd goessss craaazyyy !!!! Everybody cheers "I'm on the Hiiighwayyy too heeelll !!!"

A white limo appears on the stage wrote on it "To Hell"...
JJ gets up on it ....
The song ends with some very high flames .....

Jigolo Jay : Its the new me and I wanna say one thing , everybody says Im just a backstage guy well from now on Im here to prove them wrong so from now on Im a new guy ... Need me ? ....Meet me In Hell .

JJ smiles ... and drops the mic raising his hands up .. and then gets down and leaves in his white limo ..
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JJ radical change .
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