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 Title challange!!!

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Title challange!!! Empty
PostSubject: Title challange!!!   Title challange!!! Icon_minitimeFri Oct 09, 2009 3:52 pm

*After knocking down BMG in the gym Wrath24 makes his way to the ring with a mic in his hand Wrath24: I missed you so much!I love you fans!
*The fans are confused by Wrath24 speach
Wrath24:Crap!I never missed you and i hate you ha ha ha...!
*The fans are very angry...
Wrath24:Wait wait!!!Before shouting i want make an announce!
*The fans stoped screaming
Wrath24:So i'm here for my match!Do you know wath kind of match?Is national title match so i'm waiting for BMG... *Wrath24 looks at the arena entrance waiting for BMG... Wrath24:I knew it that he will never come!That is my title and he better get here!
*Suddently the arena starts play VGM Jason Silva music entrace...
Jason Silva:Wait a sec Wrath24!After you knock out BMG now you expect he to be here this is not fair and thats why i helped BMG get ready for you match !
Wrath24:Wath!?He is not knocked anymore in the gym?
Jason Silva:No and also the medics said that he can fight here tonight!
Wrath24:You are joking right?I sow how i made my finisher with him on the concrete!
Jason Silva:Yea and wath he is ok and ready for you so i'l let the match start!
Wrath24:The hell begins tonight!
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Title challange!!!
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