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 Its a new day

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Its a new day Empty
PostSubject: Its a new day   Its a new day Icon_minitimeWed Oct 14, 2009 8:00 pm

(the theme of bmg hits and the crowd starts booing)

bmg: Alright, its time for your weekly dose of bmg! Get used to it!

(bmg walks down the ramp and into the ring)

bmg: Tonight is a good night for me, why is it a good night for me? Because I'm the best thing on Friday Nights, thats why.

(bmg receives massive heat from the audience as he stands on the turnbuckle and raises his National Championship high)

bmg: So let me get this straight, I know a lot is going on here as of late, and rivalries are springing up like newborn chickens. But have no worries, because once again I am here to draw rating and defeat opponents like always. But tonight is very special for me, and you wanna know why? Its my match tonight. I just got back from the gm's office a few minutes ago asking for big time competition, I wanna face someone who I know can put up a worthy fight for yours truly. I was so amped up, I could take on Lomby, Thunder, Cobain, Rocky, Trucker, or Suicide tonight. I wanted to face them all in one night because thats how good I am.

Carlos Lehmann: Bmg is speaking through his you know what. He knows all of them are in action tonight! He has no intention of fighting any of them!

bmg: Of course old man Steele gave me a different opponent, that right people, I face trendkill! One on one, 2 out of 3 submissions!

Miguel Albacher: Now thats a first! George gives us a first time contest between these two. Trendkills no pushover though.

bmg: I know trendy was very close to becoming a champion himself, but he just could not finish the job, unlike me, who rose to glory after winning my first official RCW title. Not many wrestlers can say that, and I will make sure I say it every single week! My awesomness holds no bounds and you will all bask in my GLORY!

(bmg puts down the mic as he prepares for his match)
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Its a new day
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