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 Unholy Alliance

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PostSubject: Unholy Alliance   Unholy Alliance Icon_minitimeThu Oct 15, 2009 11:54 am

* The camera pans to the backstage area where Riddick and his tag partner Oromius seem to be preparing for a speech *

Riddick : Last week, on Friday Night Chaos, a rather unlikely alliance was forged. I was paired up with Oromius to take on the team of Michael Bay and Mapoko in a tournament tag match. You know what happened? We came to the ring, we demolished our opponents and we left. This week we were drawn against the team of Suicide and Van.TaO. They should represent nothing more than a mere bump in the road for us two.

* the crowd boos *

Riddick : As I was SAYING! You sycophants, you parasites, you worms...You cannot comprehend a simple fact !? Last week I made Michael Bay bleed so hard he had to be rushed to the hospital. Last week Oromius injured Mapoko to the point that he was screaming for his mommy to come and take him home !

* the crowd boos heavily *

Riddick : You people can boo all you want! The fact of the matter is : Me and Oromius are 1-0 in the tournament.

* the crowd boos even louder *

Riddick : Our tag team is the new unstoppable force in this federation. We are the men to beat right now.And...after tonight...we will be 2-0 in our path of becoming the new tag team champions in Friday Night Chaos.
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Unholy Alliance
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