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 Giving Some Explanations

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Blazing Phoenix
Blazing Phoenix

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PostSubject: Giving Some Explanations   Giving Some Explanations Icon_minitimeTue Oct 20, 2009 8:28 am

The arena goes dark, two huge flames rise in front of the titan tron. A video of a Phoenix rising from ashes is shown on the titan tron and Blazing Phoenix comes from backstage with a mic in his hand. The fans cheer for him and he taunts them on the way to the ring. He rolls under the bottom rope and now in the midle of the ring he prepares to speak.

Blazing Phoenix: Damn is good to hear you guys!!!

The fans start cheering and Blazing Phoenix is smilling.

Blazing Phoenix: I am sure that all of you guys saw the last RCW show as allways but i want you to pay atention to one thing.

A video from last show starts on the titan tron:

Blazing Phoenix gives the touch to Doc Matthews who enters the ring!
Doc Matthews jumps placing his own feet beneath the opponent's shoulders
and makes Spinne roll in a Rolling Crutch Pin!!

JC: Already?!

Referee starts counting...
Spinne kicks out
Doc Matthews grabs Spinne's hair
Doc Matthews and lunges himself on the ropes
Doc Matthews waits for the adversary
intercepting and grabbing him to the crash him on the ring with a light Power Slam!!
Doc Matthews grabs Spinne's hair
Doc Matthews and lunges himself on the ropes
Doc Matthews raises his own leg
and hits the running opponent with a light Big Boot!!
Blazing Phoenix leans on the ropes to get the touch!
Doc Matthews pulls Spinne still groggy, by his hair
Doc Matthews grabs his opponent and takes his head downwards
then he jumps to crush his head down by performing a devastating Psycho Crusha!!
Doc Matthews violently hugs the opponent
and crushes him with a light Bear Hug!!
Doc Matthews keeps his weak submission hold
Spinne escapes from the hold
Spinne pulls himself together and fights back
Spinne points to the opponent with decision
Doc Matthews avoids an a Ear Slap and takes the initiative
Doc Matthews strongly grabs the head of the adversary
tryes to strike him with a powerful heading performing a light Hard Headbutt!!
Doc Matthews violently hugs the opponent
and hugs him with an enormous strength, grinding him with a light Bear Hug!!
Spinne escapes from the hold
Doc Matthews grabs the head of the dumped opponent in front of himself with both the hands
and raises him slamming the opponent's head on the ground executing a powerful Two Handed Face Buster!!
Doc Matthews grabs Spinne's hair
Doc Matthews places the opponent's head between his legs and hooks his arms
and slams him down to the ground face first, performing a strong Double Underhook Piledriver!!
Spinne pulls himself together and fights back
Spinne gets ready to hit Doc Matthews
and hits rapidly with his forearm his opponnent's jaw executing a strong European Uppercut!!
Spinne dives into the opponent with a clothesline
knocking him down!!
Blazing Phoenix leans on the ropes to get the touch!
Spinne is taking his opponent by the throat ,and with one hand he throws the wrestler four metres in the air!On his way to hitting the mat
Spinne does a DROPSAULT, witch sends the opponent to a violent meeting with the Turnbuckle executing MORTAL End Of Days Reloaded!!

WM: Big move! Can he end it so soon?

Spinne tries a pinning maneuver
Referee starts counting...
BLAZING PHOENIX enters the ring hitting Spinne and interrupting the 3 count while the referee is distracted!!
Doc Matthews takes advantage of the situation!
Doc Matthews gives the touch to Blazing Phoenix who enters the ring!

Blazing Phoenix: Here it is. A tag team match and my suposed to be tag partner didn't even wrestled 5 minutes. I had to fight a tag match as it was an handicap match. Me agains Spinne and agentul because my suposed to be tag partner was useless.

The fans start chanting DOC SUCKS DOC SUCKS!!!!

Blazing Phoenix: That brings me to tonight and the reason why i'm here. In the ppv i wanted Doc. But i learned from Jason that that guy is so useless that he is not even gonna be in the ppv. And i also learned that i will face Spinne in a steel cage match. And you know's awesome.

Blazing Phoenix stops for a moment and looks at the crowd.

Blazing Phoenix: That way i can proove i can beat Spinne and i sure can beat agentul. And i only lost to them because of my crapy tag partner. This sunday you have no place to go, no place to hide, no place to run. Just you and me Spinne. And trust me you will wish you would never have been booked in last week and in this sunday matches. You will suffer in Doc's place.

Blazing Phoenix looks straight into the camera with a serious look on his face.

Blazing Phoenix: This sunday at the ppv....I'M GONNA DESTROY YOU!!!!

Blazing Phoenix drops the mic and stands in the ring looking at the fans.
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Giving Some Explanations
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