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 Rp for Game Over PPV- Unveiling of a new title

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Rp for Game Over PPV- Unveiling of a new title Empty
PostSubject: Rp for Game Over PPV- Unveiling of a new title   Rp for Game Over PPV- Unveiling of a new title Icon_minitimeTue Oct 20, 2009 5:06 pm

(36 crazy fists's We gave it hell plays)

Bmg: Thats right ladies and gentlemen, bmg is here tonight!

(the crowd boos bmg on his way to the ring holding a leather bag)

Bmg: Tonight is real special, I will make history like you've never seen before.

Warren Michaels: We have not comentated on bmg in a long time, what brings him here tonight?

Johnny Carson: He's not on the card, I see hes not sporting his National Belt either, and whats in the bag?

Bmg: To all my many fans tonight.....


Bmg: Shut it! I know a lot of you are suprised to see me here, but I will shock the world!

Warren Michaels: Bmg wants to take up ppv time to talk about his ego?

Bmg: Not only am I appauled that I am not on the match card tonight, I had to speak to several members of RCW talent to get this approved, so SHUT UP, and listen to me speak.

Johnny Carson: ....and here we go....

Bmg: The National Championship has been in the company for many seasons, you would be ver chock if I told you that only 2 man have held this prestigious belt, only 2 including myself. I am honored to be one of them, but tonight......I will be first. So without further to do........

(bmg reaches into his leather bag to pull out an entirely new championship belt)

Bmg: Behold, this is the ANARCHY CHAMPIONSHIP BELT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Johnny Carson: Whoa! New design and everything, this must of cost a lot.......

Warren Michaels: Add that to the RCW expenses......

Bmg: This belt will usher us into a new era, an era that will transend us into a higher power, and I am glad to be its first holder! This is the beginning of the bmg saga of greatness!

(bmg stands on the turnbuckle and lifts up the new belt as pyro activates in the ring)

bmg: I am greatness

(bmg leaves)
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Rp for Game Over PPV- Unveiling of a new title
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