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 RP PPV - Game Over 25/10/2009 Telans

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RP PPV - Game Over 25/10/2009  Telans Empty
PostSubject: RP PPV - Game Over 25/10/2009 Telans   RP PPV - Game Over 25/10/2009  Telans Icon_minitimeWed Oct 21, 2009 3:56 pm

You can see Telan Backstage with Shelly Connors.

Shelly Connors: Last week you attackt DaWolf during his Match and that costing him the victory and then you gone too Sarah Channing and demand a Title Shot at DaWolfs Elite Title and telling her that you could beat DaWolf in every match and then you got your wish and you fought DaWolf this match ending in in a draw...

Telan: Hold it there Barbie i know it was a draw and DaWolf could keep his Title but that was only becourse of this stupid ref. he saw how i literally destroyed him last week how could see that his moves had almost no effects on me while he was half dead and right before i could finisch him off this son of B.... Ref. ends the match in a Draw this was no fair i can beat DaWolf in every match that is the trough and when i get my hand on him i will prove too anyone. But this time i want a Ref that dont end the match only becourse i am destroying the Champ.

Telan: I only wanted too have a little fun and but this stupid Ref just endet the Match right before i could end it this was a Title Match and not any stupid match and this fuc.... Ref spoild my chance of becomming the Champ if he only had waited one more minute i would have bought DaWolf too tap.

Then Telan sees the ref who called the Match last week going right past him Telan immediately goes too him and knocks him down with a kick right into his face and then says: You $&ยง% its all your fault let me show you the move with i was going too win if you waited just one more freaking minute.

Telan bends his opponent's arm behind his back while he's laying on the mat
and by pressing on his opponent's arms he twists them in an unnatural way, executing a strong Telan Sos Lock!!
Telan keeps his agonizing submission hold
Telan keeps his ruthless submission hold

Telan : And this is a warning for all off you Refs that will happen too you if you screw up in my matchs.

Telan lifts the opponent on his shoulders and slams him on the mat and goes a few steps back when the opponent is about too get up he runs to him and punts him in the the skull executing a LEGENDARY Dark Sos.

Telan : And Dawolf we are not finished yet last week you got Lucky but next Time i will be The new Elite Champ.

Telan leaves.
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RP PPV - Game Over 25/10/2009 Telans
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