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 Preparing For His Match

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Blazing Phoenix
Blazing Phoenix

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PostSubject: Preparing For His Match   Preparing For His Match Icon_minitimeSat Oct 24, 2009 11:22 am

Blazing Phoenix is in his locker room doing some warm up for his upcoming match against Spinne. Doing some push ups, some stretches. Then he pauses for a bit goes for a bit of water and he starts remembering the attack he was victim of on the parking lot a couple days ago. Suddenly he drops the bottle of water, falls to his knees and puts his hands in his head screaming in pain.

Blazing Phoenix: Go away...i already said you i don't need you. I got fine on my own all this years without your help, i don't need it now.

Suddenly he continues speaking but with a completly different look and voice, like if it was other person speaking trough his mouth.

Strange Voice: Yes you need. You were ruthless in the past when i helped you. And to survive in here you need me again. You need my strengh you need my power....face it you need my help.

Blazing Phoenix start sweating a lot....

Blazing Phoenix: NO I DON'T!!!! Go away i already said i don't want you. I can take out Spinne easily without you trust me.

Strange Voice: I agree with that. But Spinne is nothing. What about Mank?? What about Ursu'?? Asparake, Alyn...can you beat them too alone??? You need me ....think about that.

All becomes silent and quiet and Blazing Phoenix stands there in his knees looking at a picture from is youth!! He notices then some sand in the floor and above the picture.
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Preparing For His Match
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