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 PPV-Rock Warming up

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PPV-Rock Warming up Empty
PostSubject: PPV-Rock Warming up   PPV-Rock Warming up Icon_minitimeSat Oct 24, 2009 12:10 pm

You see a locker room of one of the RCW-Superstars.

A voice is heard out of the other corner og the room.

twenty-seven, twenty-eight, twenty-nine, thirteen...

The camera slowly turns around as you can see a baseball bat, some various posters of movies and then TheRock.

He just stands up and swings his arms around.

TheRock: Okay... Wolfy you want to have some, heh?

He begins to punch the air with his right hand again and again.

TheRock: And Rey you ,too?

He starts to punch with his right hand, but then stops.

TheRock: No,no,no,no... Rey is your partner tonight, Rocky.... You have to punch The Master of Puppets!

Left, right, left, right .... Rock's fists now hits a punching bag.

TheRock: Master of Puppets and DaWolf...

He starts laughing.

TheRock: What an awesome team... Master of puppets... What is the great thing about reigning the.... PUPPETS?!

The Rock shakes his head and begins to make some Sit-Ups.

TheRock: Really..... I dont get it. Where's the thrill in that action?... Hm. Who actually cares? DaWolf is more important...... If he is a Wolf.

Then he stops with his Warm-Up and walks to the door.

TheRock: Wolf and Puppet... Not Rey..... You will mange it Rocky... Walk in, win... walk out. It's really simple!

With that said he leaves the room heading in the Arena.
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PPV-Rock Warming up
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