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 Award Speech 2 : Tag Teams

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Award Speech 2 : Tag Teams Empty
PostSubject: Award Speech 2 : Tag Teams   Award Speech 2 : Tag Teams Icon_minitimeSat Oct 24, 2009 12:43 pm

The Tron now indicates the WarBirds as Tag Team Award's winners.
Immediately Hawk rushes on the ramp, highfiving some fans on his way up to his ring. Looking extremely happy even under his mask, he gets a mic.

"Too bad I was quicker than Lomby ... But I'll start anyway. First, thanks to everyone who supported us ... Especially the bunch ... the big bunch of our fans here on RCW".
He stares at the cheering crowd with a huge smile.

"And honestly, I didn't expect to win this award. Seriously, many stronger teams were involved. But I think we managed to get ourselves sympathic ...
As you could say : too bad we split."

The fans stop cheering, and stay totally quiet.

"But this won't prevent us to celebrate the prize. Thanks again. And ... well ... I just hope that Lomby will just come out too, I'm totally lacking inspiration..."
He worriedly stares at the Tron waiting for his classical napalm burst.
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Award Speech 2 : Tag Teams
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