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 Season 1

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PostSubject: Season 1   Sun Apr 12, 2009 2:13 pm

Note:Winners are in bold.

1st show:
Monday , 06/04/2009

Sagat vs xXxBatistaxXx
Protagonist vs Brainbro
Jack Marshall vs The Irish Assassin
BMG vs Crisis Cage
Irvin enriquez vs theRock
DarkSkull vs Pepe Lemon
Thunderhawk vs Telan
4Real vs McFl0
Dustin McGee vs COMIO
Ursu' vs Shadow_Demon

2nd Show:
Friday, 10/04/2009

Dj erix VS Yokozuna Sumo
Lombard vs Berno The Barbarian
Sparkhawk VS Miguel A. Pereira
robno35 VS Haunted Flame
Qinno vs Charles Hathoway
Savvy VS Lucky
DaWolf VS Disintegrate
Dynamite David Wigton VS Space Trucker
The moon vs Israha
Rated X vs Two bit

3rd show:
Monday, 13/04/2009

CaTaLyN vs ZzTripleHzZ
Brainbro & xXxBatistaxXx vs Sagat & Protagonist
Telan vs Crisis Cage
Dark Ryder24 vs Pepe Lemon
BMG vs Irvin enriquez
Thunderhawk vs theRock
4Real VS McFl0
Ursu' vs Dustin McGee
COMIO vs Shadow_Demon

4th Show:
Friday, 17/04/2009

Legend VS Yokozuna Sumo
Lombard & Sparkhawk VS Miguel A Pereira & Haunted Flame
Charles Hathoway VS Berno the Barbarian (Draw)
Qinno VS DarkSkull
The Bil VS Disintegrate
DaWolf & Space Trucker VS Dynamite David Wigton & Dark Ryder24
the moon VS two bit
Rated X VS Israha

5th show:
Monday, 20/04/2009

Brainbro VS Jack Marshall
Sozax (ZzTripleHzZ & xXxBatistaxXx) VS Sagat and CaTaLyN
Telan VS The Irish Assassin
TheRock VS DarkSkull
4Real & Suicide!! VS McFl0 & BMG
Irvin enriquez VS Thunderhawk (National Title Match)
COMIO VS Dustin McGee
Ursu' VS Shadow_Demon (International Title Match)

6th show:
Friday 24/04/2009
Berno The Barbarian & Miguel A Pereira VS Charles Hathoway & Dj Erix (Draw)
Savvy VS The Bil
Lucky VS Disintegrate
Rated X & two bit VS the moon & Israha
Lombard & Sparkhawk VS Haunted Flame & Drakon
Qinno & Dynamite David Wigton VS DaWolf & Space Trucker

7th show : The PPV !
Monday 27/04/2009
Dracula's Sons vs COMIO & Rated X
Thunderhawk vs Suicide!! (National Title Match)
Sparkhawk vs Sagat
McFl0 vs two bit
4Real vs DDW
DaWolf & ST vs Qinno & DarkSkull
BMG vs Lombard
Dustin McGee vs Shadow_Demon (Champ or Jobber Match for International Title)

8th show
Friday 01/05/2009
Sagat VS Myron Daniels
Rabibi&Miguel A. Pereira vs Sozax
neoneo vs Pepe Lemon
Savvy VS Disintegrate
Suicide!! VS BMG (National Title Match)
Zeratul vs the moon
Rated X VS Shadow_Demon
Lombard VS Sparkhawk (Honor Title Match)
DaWolf VS Space Trucker (Elite Title Match)

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Season 1
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