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 Ursu' & Mank - time for a decision

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Ursu' & Mank - time for a decision Empty
PostSubject: Ursu' & Mank - time for a decision   Ursu' & Mank - time for a decision Icon_minitimeThu Oct 22, 2009 2:49 pm

'Change the Game' by Sean Paul is played on titan tron together with some of Ursu's best moments while Ursu' makes his way to the ring .

Ursu':Good evening RCW fans !!!

The crowd starts a powerful boo.

Ursu':Thanks a lot for the appreciation.

Ursu' keeps making annoying pauses.

Ursu':It's so strange ...can you believe? I'll finally choose in what match will fight Mank... finally ...

A strong boo continues from the crowd.

Ursu':And if I have this chance why not to do it ?

Ursu' puts his left hand on the chest.

Ursu':I'll choose with the heart and my heart tells me to choose Mank versus...

Ursu' starts laughing.


Ursu' keeps laughing while the crowd boo him.

Ursu':This is funny...

Ursu' stops suddenly and take a serious attitude.

Ursu':ASPARAKIE !!!!

Ursu' starts laughing again ...
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Ursu' & Mank - time for a decision Empty
PostSubject: Re: Ursu' & Mank - time for a decision   Ursu' & Mank - time for a decision Icon_minitimeThu Oct 22, 2009 4:24 pm

the laugh of ursu is suddenly interrupted by the first notes of End of all hope

Mank starts walking to the ring between boos and some cheers. Grabs a mic from the comentator table and goes inside the ring

Mank: Well, Winnie the Pooh, funny try, you and your people first try to kill me and then you injury one of my syable members. And because you couldn't finish the job, and even lost your title to him, now you want me to hurt him pretty bad?. Well both of us can play the same game.

Some silence in the arena meanwhile Mank finishes his speech

Mank: So i will have to fight Asparake. Well, hope you're man enough for the fight i planned for you, Teddy. When i got the notification about me choosing your match, i had to check which one would be the best way to see you or your opponent leaving the ring direct to hospital. One i quit match, would be too simple, hardcore, you don't even know how to use a baseball bat. 2 of 3 sub, you and your opponent sucks at it. So the choice was simple, simple to see what i would like to see this ring full of blood, you or him about to dismay after the blood lose.

Mank: I would like to announce a Last Blood Match between you, Yogi, and Speedy Boy Alyn!!! Laugh now if you can
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Ursu' & Mank - time for a decision
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