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 The challenge

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PostSubject: The challenge   The challenge Icon_minitimeSun Jul 19, 2009 9:27 am

'Tu' by Spike and Guess Who is played on the Titan Tron and Ursu' makes his way to the ring.

Ursu':Here I am guys ready for something never seen in RCW's history ...

The crowd starts booing.

Ursu':I made a deal with Sarah and now , finally I'll be able to fight with Mank in a Blind match for his title.. and when I say 'his' I say it only for a few more minutes , because after tonight's match he'll be totally crushed.

The crowd has a mixture of reaction as they both hate Mank and Ursu'.

Ursu':So , in this moment , Mank , if you have some last words to say come here and say them , if not , you should better make your testament and come in ring....

Ursu' throws the microphone out of the ring waiting for Mank and preparing for the fight.
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The challenge
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