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 Kali Complaining

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PostSubject: Kali Complaining   Kali Complaining Icon_minitimeFri Jul 24, 2009 1:19 am

Kali Kondakow makes his way to the ring seeming pissed off... again.

When the "loser" chants finally vanish Kali takes a mic and starts yelling:

"You people are right. I am a loser. I'm a loser because of this racist managment putting me into matches i cannot possibly win. This week I'm again forced to fight a guy who has been in this sport much longer and is a well decorated fighter of this promotion. What is the point in even trying to fight a guy like him. Things are just not fair for me. I demand better chances in developing or you management guys will see what a great waste of talent I was when I join a promotion that has respect and composure for me. Maybe then you stupid people will recognize me as the exceptional talent of the decade that I really am. Until then I have no choice but to lose every week for your amusement. I hope destroying the dream of a great warrior makes you sick f*cks happy!"

"You're an *sshole" chants fill the whole building as Kali starts flicking the fans off.
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Kali Complaining
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