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 Quarrel over the phone...

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Quarrel over the phone... Empty
PostSubject: Quarrel over the phone...   Quarrel over the phone... Icon_minitimeSun Aug 09, 2009 1:35 pm

ST and Shelly are home,sitting on their couch,with Chinese take out and beers,watching a really funny parody of "Star Trek:First Contact"

However,ST is not in the mood for watching films-he seems preoccupied with something,barely watching the action.
Suddenly,he gets up,picks up the phone and dials a number.

"Who are you calling to?" Shelly asks,turning down the volume.
"DaWolf" ST answers.
"NO WAY!" Shelly says and slaps ST's hand,dropping the handset on the floor and getting up.
"Yeah,we did and I told you you don't need to fear of losing me!I didn't say I wanted this dork in my wedding!"
ST clenched his fists and turned his back to Shelly,in order to retain some self control.
He turned to Shelly again and told her with a cold voice
"You're not getting married with yourself you know,you're marrying with me and I want him there!This is my wedding too-or you're too concerned with your own needs to acknowledge this?"
Shelly bit her lips-those words stung!
When she talked,she did it with an equally cold voice.

"I'm sorry that you look at it this way,but it is for your own good-I don't want you to get hurt again by that irresponsible,arrogant,gloomy S.O.B.What good did he do for you anyway?"
"HE WAS THERE,GOD DAMN IT!HE WAS THERE WHEN NONE ELSE WAS!" ST shouted,ready to burst into tears!
Shelly's eyes got watery as she approached and hugged ST.
"Poor ST-loyal as a guard still trust him although he betrayed you trust and left you all alone in the Fed,with none watching your back...."
"I don't want him to watch my back-I just want him to friend again.God damn it Shelly,I really blew it when I accused him like that in public!"
"You were right though..." Shelly answered.
"That's not the point-I should talk to him in private,not insult him on the ring,in front of his fans!" ST said nervously.
"It's guilt then" Shelly said quietly.
"Yes,guilt,remorse-call it what you want,the thing is that I disrespected him and I want to make up for this"
"Well,I see your point,but can't you see mine?" Shelly asked softly.
"Our wedding will be the best day of my life and having him there,will make that day...less bright"
"Well,it will make me happier though,knowing that there will be someone that helped me through tough times and made me believe in myself.DaWolf is to a great percentage responsible for what I am today,I can't shut him off my life like that!" ST said,visibly stressed.
"Oh well,I suppose that you can be friends,but....what's that noise?" Shelly asked,looking around to Identify the source of a ringing noise!
ST bent down and picked the handset-the signal of an interrupted connection was ringing from it!

"Jesus!" he said "You think he heard us?"
"I don't know" Shelly said "I guess sooner or later,it will show....."

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Quarrel over the phone... Empty
PostSubject: Re: Quarrel over the phone...   Quarrel over the phone... Icon_minitimeMon Aug 10, 2009 5:38 am

On the other end of the line, DaWolf looked at the open handset for a few seconds then hung up...
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Quarrel over the phone...
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