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 After the quarrel....more wedding plans.

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After the quarrel....more wedding plans. Empty
PostSubject: After the quarrel....more wedding plans.   After the quarrel....more wedding plans. Icon_minitimeTue Aug 11, 2009 3:40 pm

For the larger part of that night, things got a bit tense between ST and Shelly.
However,they both are people of action and both know it's useless to cry over spilled milk-in other words,"What's done is done,let's figure a way out of this mess!"
So,after a few...actually,more than a few....ahm...intimate moments that left them both reassured that their bond is as strong strong as ever,ST and Shelly picked the leftovers of the Chinese take away,took a six pack of Buds out of the fridge and started talking about their wedding again.

"So" ST said "You say that I could use the opportunity of the announcement of our marriage,to apologize to DaWolf in public and invite him to the after party,along with the others?"
"That's the idea" Shelly agreed.
ST flinched.
Shelly said
"C'mon honey-this is as far as I can go!The after party will be so much fun,that even DaWolf's gloominess couldn't possibly spoil it!Having him at the ceremony though...."
Shelly shrugged.
ST remained silent for a bit,took a sip of his beer and finally said sourly:

"Alright!We'll do it your way...this time!"
"This time?What do you mean?Do you plan to get married for a second time anytime soon?" Shelly asked mockingly and continued.
"Who's the lucky girl?Is she someone I know?" Shelly started jabbing ST's ribs with her elbow-and continued.
"Can I meet her?Is she prettier than me?"
ST turned to her slightly annoyed and answered
"Well,if there's gonna be a second wedding for me,I'll make sure I'll choose some lady who knows when a joke stops being funny and gives her man a break when he needs one!"
Shelly faked a long face.
"Oh come on!Are you gonna be that grumpy when you get old?"
ST took a posture,wore a James Bond smile and said.
"Lady,I'm like Scotch Whiskey-I don't get old!I get stronger!"
"Oh shut up,you smart *ss!" Shelly started laughing and ST joined her!
After the laughter subsided,they resumed their conversation about the wedding.

"Now" ST said "What about the after party?"
"What about it?" Shelly asked.
"I have a few ideas about it" ST said.
"Ok,let's hear them!" Shelly replied happily.
"First,I want to rent the Federation's arena for it and second,I want to get some bands to play on the ring-something like a mini festival-here!"
ST gave her a list.
"All these guys are people I know and they can play a few songs for us-provided there's enough booze and maybe some backstage passes to RCW shows!!!"
"Cool bands!" Shelly said.
"Hmmmm,not bad at all-we'll have plenty of room,lots of boom and good security-God knows we'll need tight security with all this testosterone fueled war machines RCW has for wrestlers!" Shelly exclaimed.
"Hey,no worries honey-I'm one of them,I know the lingo,sure thing I can deal with them!" ST replied.
"Well,you may know the lingo,but you ain't a war machine!" Shelly protested.
"Oh really?what am I then?"
"A love machine baby-come here!" Shelly said and opened her arms.
As we said before,they both are people of action.....Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy
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After the quarrel....more wedding plans.
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