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 DDWs next match with 4real.

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DDWs next match with 4real. Empty
PostSubject: DDWs next match with 4real.   DDWs next match with 4real. Icon_minitimeMon Aug 17, 2009 1:46 pm

Dynamite David Wigtons music starts playing as he quickly makes his way to the ring.

he picks up a microphone and stands in the ring waiting for the crowd to quiet down.

DDW: well, well ,well, back again.i had a great warm-up match with uh, ol whats his face.And now I have a chance at the number 1 contender spot when i face 4real.Now this may sound a little bit like a rerun,but i under-estimated him last time we met.but I have been training hard,workin out, heh, and drinkin my milk.And i will gaurantee this time our match will end in a BANG!.

The crowd starts cheering for DDW,as he waits for them to calm down again.

DDW: And after that i will have my title shot and i will get what has been coming to me for a long time.MY CHAMPIONSHIP!!
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DDWs next match with 4real.
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