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 Asparake VS federoska21

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PostSubject: Asparake VS federoska21   Asparake VS federoska21 Icon_minitimeSat Aug 22, 2009 8:07 am

it seems like a thunder has just stroke!
suddenly high flames light on, as though the ã¢â‚¬ëœtron was set to fire!
Asparake makes his way to the ring
wearing a black T Shirt,black pants and black shoes
the fans are going wild!
two pyrotechnics red and blue, blow at each corner of the ring

Asparake take's a mic from a corner of the ring and walk's o the middle of the ring.

Asparake:What a night?We had some great match's so far,but soon you will be seeking me in action!

The fans start to cheer!!

Asparake:No,no,do not cheer!I'm asking you not to cheer because it will be not Asparake VS Ursu,it will be not Asparake VS "Speedy boy" Alyn,it will be Asparake VS federoska21! I all ready know who will win this match!It will be me of course!I don't know what Silva had in his mind to put me in a match whit federoska21!Come on, he is 2 class under me!Now a match whit Ursu,a special match which can't end whit a draw!Now that's a match for which I will cheer!This match hasn't any stake's!I come here,beat the life out of federoska21,go back to the locker room,have a shower and the go home for dinner....

Silva:Wait just a moment there Asparake!So you don't like the match i put you!

Asparake:OMG, he understand English!

Silva:Ok!And you say that this match doesn't have any stake's!How about this?The man that win's tonight will face Ursu next PPV in a special match a........I Quit match!Well Asparake what do you say?

Asparake:Well,work's whit me!Next PPV,i will not win the RCW International Title,Ursu will quit that title to me!
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Asparake VS federoska21
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