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 After TDK beat Asparake

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After TDK beat Asparake Empty
PostSubject: After TDK beat Asparake   After TDK beat Asparake Icon_minitimeFri Sep 25, 2009 9:23 am

TDK walks through the backstage arena with the bloody chair in hands and he walks right into a interviewer.

TDK takes the mic of him

This is to Blazing Pheonix you wanna help your friend then try me in a match.

The Interviewer stands up and come closer to TDK to take away his mic.

I have not finished!!!!!!!!!!

TDK slams the bloody chair into the head of the interviewer

he walks towards the camera

You can´t stop me Pheonix and if you don´t believe me then come and get me.

he walks back to the parking lot
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After TDK beat Asparake
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