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 No Title Shoot for me!

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No Title Shoot for me! Empty
PostSubject: No Title Shoot for me!   No Title Shoot for me! Icon_minitimeSun Aug 23, 2009 9:25 am

Asparake is getting ready in his locker room for his match.

Mank:Hey Asparake!Do you have a minute to talk?

Asparake:Yeah,sure!What do you what to talk?

Mank:First,nice job whit Silva!Make him to make your match a winning title shot!I'm sure that you will win and after this take Ursu's Title!

Asparake:Thanks!And the second thing?

Mank:Well,take this!

Asparake:What's this?

Mank:It's a contract sign by me and Silva.It states that I'm not allowed to fight you as long as you are the champion!Now you can stay cool,i don't have anu evil plans to take the title from you.All i care is to make Ursu suffer and i cant do this alone!Whit you and Blazing Phoenix this will be possible!Good luck!Go and win that match!

Mank start's walking to the door:Ok Mank,I'm in!This contract proves that you want Ursu more that you want the title!

Mank:You just made the right thing for you and your career in RCW!See you later!
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No Title Shoot for me!
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