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 -=Amaru trains with BMG=-

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-=Amaru trains with BMG=- Empty
PostSubject: -=Amaru trains with BMG=-   -=Amaru trains with BMG=- Icon_minitimeTue Aug 25, 2009 12:07 am

*Amaru enters the gym were he finds BMG lifting some weights*

BMG : Add some more on this bar Amaru.

*Amaru puts some more weights, then goes behind BMG and starts counting*

Amaru : 1,2,3,4 .. We did a very nice job last week against raver and Pyscho Joe. Was my first Tag Team match and i`m glad we won it. 14,15,16..Tonight I`m facing The Dragon Killer. I have to keep on winning matches, improving my performance and later on, winning some belts.

*BMG noods with approval*

Amaru : 28,29,30. I think that`s enough for now. You have a match against Suicide!! for the National Title. He's on a winning streak and you have to end it. And we all know you can and you will. The entire Blackout will be there supporting you and making sure noone interferes with the match. Come back with that title on you're shoulder.

*Amaru hands BMG a towel*
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-=Amaru trains with BMG=- Empty
PostSubject: Re: -=Amaru trains with BMG=-   -=Amaru trains with BMG=- Icon_minitimeTue Aug 25, 2009 6:59 pm

(bmg grabs the towel and wipes his face)

bmg: There's no stopping us now. Old man Steele won't have the ref end this match early and since it's hardcore rules, anything goes.

(bmg walks up to te door)

bmg: I'm way too anxious to get this match started, so I'm on my way to the ring to give Suicide his last words as a champion before we fight. Defeat Dragon Killer, I know you will win that match, then we continue our take over on Friday Night Chaos, our goal is posess ALL the gold. If I lose, you can always pick up where it left off and you'll take his gold. This match is real important to me as well as the Honor title bout. It will decide the course of our plans. Telan and theRock will be in the crowd in case Suicide decides to take a "suicidal escape". I lost to Suicide once, I will not let it happen again!

(bmg walks out the gym)
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-=Amaru trains with BMG=-
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