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 New juniors tag titles

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New juniors tag titles Empty
PostSubject: New juniors tag titles   New juniors tag titles Icon_minitimeTue Sep 01, 2009 2:59 pm

*Wrath24 and Space Trucker make their way to the ring...Wrath24 grabs a mic and look angry at the fans!!
Wrath24:You fools you think that Riddick and Kali will beat us!No way so better look how in the last shows i kicked Riddick ass!
*Wrath24 and Space Trucker starts to laugh about Riddick...
Wrath24:C'mon you stupid fans are looking at the new juniours tag team titles so better make a photo will take longer!
The fans are making a log of noise,shouting angry about them!
Wrath24:What are you think now?I know that Riddick and Kali will come any minute to beat us no?
*Wrath24 smiles ... and laughs at the fans!
Wrath24:You see they are to scared to come face us tonight so George Steel move here and give the title to us!
Wrath24:I can't wait to see us the first junior tag team titles! I know me and space trucker we deserve that so if Riddick and Kali will not come here to face us in 5 mins,George I hope your ready to give us that titles faster!!
*Wrath24 is getting very happy to see that Riddick and Kali don't come in the ring...
Wrath24:Oh the time is going down right ?So Space Trucker what you gonna do when you will be the newset junior champion?
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New juniors tag titles
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