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 Get rid for these titles

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Get rid for these titles Empty
PostSubject: Get rid for these titles   Get rid for these titles Icon_minitimeTue Sep 01, 2009 3:23 pm

Suddenly the image from Titan tron moves to Jason Silva's office where Ursu' is destroying the door hitting it with the Teddynator.Jason appears behind them.

Jason:Stop !! What are you doing?

Zeratul hit Ursu' on the shoulder trying to distract his attention.


Jason:Stop it!!

Ursu' realizes that Jason Silva is near him and turns slowly to him.

Ursu':Hy boss!

Jason:Hy boss?!? What are you doing here?

Ursu':Well , I have one problem and considering that you wasn't opening I decided to enter in my own style.

Jason:In your style? Arghh ..nevermind ...tell me what you want fast and get out of my visual area fast I'm full of problems already.

Ursu' taking a bossy attitude.

Ursu':Well , you know ... I'm tired...

Zeratul:Yes , we're tired!!!

Jason :Tired of what? Why?

Ursu' starts laughing.

Ursu':Every day I have to take with me this beloved International Title , my dear friend ,the Teddynator and now a title I don't want and which is pretty heavy!

Zeratul:Exactly. There's no sense in keeping these stupid titles any more , I'm bored and tired of them , so we want to drop them , make them free , do what you want , we don't need them anymore.

Ursu' and Zeratul throw their title into Jason's direction who falls down trying to catch them and to avoid any damage on the titles.

Jason: You will be a time when you'll beg me to offer you a title chance, you'll see.

Jason takes the World Tag Team titles carefully and put them safely in his office.

Jason:Oh...these guys.... I'll need a secretary or something to relax a little...

The camera moves back to ring.
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Get rid for these titles
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