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 Riddick near to injury

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Riddick near to injury Empty
PostSubject: Riddick near to injury   Riddick near to injury Icon_minitimeWed Sep 02, 2009 2:16 am

*Wrath24 and Space Trucker are waiting for someone behind a car...Then a door opens!
Wrath24:Space this is our chance let's move silently...!
Space Trucker:Ok!Wrath24 don't forget this hammer...
*They are walking behind cars coming slowly near someone!
Wrath24:Take this Riddick..!Yeah ..
*Wrath24 and Space Trucker hit Riddick with a hammer and a chair.
Wrath24:I hope you will be ready for the match! HA HA HA
Space Trucker:Good job we finished him,I think he will not be ready to face as tonight so we will win that titles faster than we thought!!
Wrath24:Yeah you're right i'm so happy that finaly we are going to win wat we deserve!
*They walk back to enter the backstage...And from parking lot somebody screams painfull!
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Riddick near to injury
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