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 Sarah vs. DaWolf

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Sarah vs. DaWolf Empty
PostSubject: Sarah vs. DaWolf   Sarah vs. DaWolf Icon_minitimeFri Sep 04, 2009 5:37 am

The camera shows Jason Silva's office, he's on the phone with his secretary.

Silva: Yes bring him in.. Oh I see he's already here, nevermind.. DaWolf.. quite a busy season you've been having.. and I see your interest in rules keeps going down, but the fans seem to love it so that's why you still have a job!

DaWolf just looks at Silva without saying anything.

Silva: So I understand you're not planning to end the season quietly and you want to invoke your rematch clause, is that so?

DaWolf: I simply ask for my right.. besides, your beloved Sarah Channing has been wasting no effort in screwing me over and over, and I'm getting bored with her..

Silva: Hmm.. funny you should mention her, because...

Suddenly a voice comes behind DaWolf.

Sarah: Somebody mentioned me?... Oh.. its "him".. I think you'd better get out of here, there's business talk going on and you have nothing to do of use to us!

Silva: Actually.. he does have a valid point.. DaWolf wants his rematch at the PPV and I see no reason why he shouldn't get it..

Sarah: No reason?! NO REASON?! How about he walked away from a match? How about he's been doing nothing but go against me all season? How about..

DaWolf: How about you just BACK OFF and play by the rules for once in your life?! I'm getting me rematch this PPV, and I don't wanna have to beat up your bodyguards again.. the poor people have been bruised way too many times before.. And Silva, I'll wait for your answer.. think it over well!

DaWolf storms out of the ring as Sarah looks at Silva with an open mouth and a surprised look.
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Sarah vs. DaWolf
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