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 Pre match angst....

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Space Trucker
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PostSubject: Pre match angst....   Wed Oct 21, 2009 2:11 am

Space Trucker goes to the gym,to meet Thunderhawk before the tag match.
As he enters,he sees Thunderhawk jumping rope in front of the mirror.
He smiles,as he thinks
"Jumping rope?What kind of preparation is that?",but his smile vanishes as Thunderhawk gradually increased speed,until the rope and his feet became a blur!
"Damn!" he thought "maybe speed has advantages after all!"
He waved to the mirror,so Thunderhawk can see him and said "No,don't stop!I just wanted to see you and tell you a couple of things!"
However,Thunderhawk stopped and turned to ST.
"No problem",he said breathing fast "I was done anyway!"
"That was pretty fast!" ST said!
Thunderhawk smiled,but said nothing,still catching his breath.
ST continued.
"OK,I'll cut through the chase...We are tagging against Smiley & Moonwolf this Friday and I wanted you to know a couple of things first."
He paused.
Thunderhawk said
"Go on!"
ST drew a deep breath and said
"First-I am not Lombard.Not as fast as him and my finishers are way weaker!The only thing I got and we can rely on right now,is my resistance.
I'm good at taking blows and staying on my feet,so perhaps I can tire those two,make them deplete their stamina before you take over."

He paused again.
"I'm afraid this is the second thing I wanted to tell you.
If we win this match,it will be because of you.
I don't have the speed or the skills needed,you do.Before the accident,I could be a match for you and Lombard,but not anymore.
I'm working hard and I'm slowly regaining my stamina and strength,but I'm not the wrestler I used to be."

He lowered his head.
"So I just hope I last long enough to give us a chance to win...."
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PostSubject: Re: Pre match angst....   Wed Oct 21, 2009 5:08 am

Hawk calmly listens to Trucker as he speaks. When he has finished, he nods slowly and puts a hand on his shoulder.
Don't worry about this match. I'm more than convinced that we will do our best. And remember that even if you are not the one you used to be, you are not that crappy either. Anyway, a tag match can only be won in pair. I cannot take those two by my own, I think ...

He smiles.
And, well ... if we win or not, in any case it will be a good training. I have something boiling for next season, and it could serve you well in your comeback. So I would advise no stress with it. Let's just have some fun.

He grabs the rope again and grins widely.
Oh, by the way ... If we lose, I hope that Shelly won't come to beat us down ... Not before our holidays.
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Space Trucker
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Active Forumer

Posts : 56
Join date : 2009-03-27
Age : 45
Location : Athens,Greece

PostSubject: Re: Pre match angst....   Fri Oct 23, 2009 3:57 am

ST raises his head and smiles.
"Shelly believes that fighting with wrestlers out of my league,helps keeping my feet to the ground and prevents my head from swelling with hot air!"
Thunderhawk bursts into laughter-so does Space Trucker!
After they cool down,ST continues.

"Seriously now,I don't mind losing,as long as the show comes out good.If I were a crappy wrestler,I wouldn't return to the ring-I'd retire before I'd make a fool out of myself."
He pauses and adds with a sigh.
"I just acknowledge the fact that I'll be the punching bag this Friday."
ST suddenly grins!
"Speaking of punching bugs,rumor says that Mank in in trouble lately-someone sends him weird letters that drive him crazy!Have you heard anything?"
Thunderhawk lifted his shoulders,in a "I don't know" gesture.
ST bit his lip.

"Well,I'll go check up on him and see if rumors are real..."
He offers his hand to Thunderhawk and says.
"Thanks for listening dude,I'll do my best on Friday!"
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PostSubject: Re: Pre match angst....   

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Pre match angst....
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