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 Looking for RP Parner for Next season Feud.

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Simple Forumer

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PostSubject: Looking for RP Parner for Next season Feud.   Sat Oct 24, 2009 11:53 am

Its a 2 and a half seasons feud between Van.Tao and me (Mapoko)
1 season here.

Michael Bay joined my side and he is there for 2 seasons now (1 season here)
People who did stand behind Van.TaO got either injured (meaning quit the game) or went inactive in RP side.

Requirements :
strenght : abount all other 3 wrestler (Mapoko, Michael Bay, Van.TaO) [NO SA]
Level - currnetly 14-16 but 17 is acceptable as well.
Stats and WS doesnt matter, since its not a real value for trenght.
RP : To be active every week and to be able to work in team.
Prefer "heels" or a "tweener"

Last news about the feud.
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Looking for RP Parner for Next season Feud.
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