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 Sarah back with a vengance (4)

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Sarah back with a vengance (4) Empty
PostSubject: Sarah back with a vengance (4)   Sarah back with a vengance (4) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 18, 2009 4:25 am

Sarah's music hits as she walks out with her 3 bodyguards looking as snob as ever. She heads into the ring and asks for the mic as the bodyguard with the folder faces her and the other two flank her. Sarah flips through the pages a little then asks for a mic.

Hello RCW fans, and boy do I have some action for you! Umm.. let's see.. before we begin, DaWolf, I'd like a word with you.

Warren Michaels: Oh here we go again.. will you leave the man alone?!

Sarah pretends waiting for a few seconds then then smiles.

... BUT, since I know you won't really answer to me, I've taken the liberty of sending you some... "escorts"...

Johnny Carson: "Escorts"?!... Oh... THEM...

The titantron shows DaWolf doing chest pumps on the horizontal bar. As he lifts the axe with the biggest weigths yet today, two fierce-looking bodyguards appear behind him. They hold the weights from both sides and slam the whole axe on DaWolf's chest nearly knocking him unconscious. DaWolf is coughing out some blood as the the bodyguards pick him up and head for the arena.

WM: What the hell?!

As they come out, Sarah smiles with satisfaction.

Bring him over here!

The bodyguards throw DaWolf at the center of the ring and Sarah talks as if he were listening to her. One of the bodyguards throws DaWolf's Elite title over his limp body.

Well, seeing how eager you were to get this title back last season, I thought I'd give you another little run for your money. You see, I told you you'd hear from me again, so here we are! Of course, you will be defending that title in some gruesome match at the PPV, but why not have some fun meanwhile? I can't really pick one wrestler to fight you, so for now I'm just gonna keep you busy. For this upcoming IR show, I was thinking I'd put you against... Disintegrate? No you've just fought last show... DDW? I think you've had too many fights already... No I was thinking of something juicier.. I want you to really know what it means to go against me.. to wage war at Sarah Channing! This next IR show, you'll be facing one of your old precious "Wolf-Pack" partners.. LUCKY!! But hey, won't be the first time it out up against a partner, would it?

JC: No, it wouldn't.

Sarah laughs as she heads up on the ramp. She then turns back.

Oh and... I'm gonna be around for a "closer" look!
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Sarah back with a vengance (4)
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