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 Sarah Channing's Announcement

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Sarah Channing's Announcement Empty
PostSubject: Sarah Channing's Announcement   Sarah Channing's Announcement Icon_minitimeSun Oct 04, 2009 10:00 am

On the titantron there can be seen the GM's office , sitting on a chair Sarah Channings is looking into the camera and starts speaking

Sarah Channing: Hello and welcome again to another edition of RCW , International Ring!

Fans cheer

Sarah Channing: Save your breath !! You will need it soon!

Some fans are booing

Sarah Channing: Tonight we will have one of the biggest events in RCW history. It will lead into a new era in pro wrestling! Hereby i introduce a new title into RCW. And it's going to be called...

Sarah pickes up a red golden belt from one of his assistents

Sarah Channing: ...RCW Legends Championship!!! And to decide who the Champion will be i have made a special tournament consisiting out of I Quit matches!!

Fans are going wil chanting "RCW, RCW, RCW"

Sarah Channing: It will be a four man tournament , two semi final matches and a final match determing the true champion! The matches will be Christian Kane vs. TH3 UND3RTAK3R and Asparake vs. Ursu!!
Get ready folks , for a show you won't forget so quickly!

The monitor turns black and the show continues
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Sarah Channing's Announcement
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