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 Hardcore Title Match

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PostSubject: Hardcore Title Match   Hardcore Title Match Icon_minitimeMon Aug 24, 2009 9:37 pm

Lombard is seen walking down the hallway towards the ring. A couple of reporters try to get him to stop for an interview but Lombard just shoves them aside and continues towards the ramp. None of his usual music plays. None of the usual pyrotechnics or lights are happening. Just Lombard walking down the ramp towards the ring with an evil look on his face. His Razorwire chain is already wrapped around his fist. Walking past the announcers table Lombard reaches out and rips one of the mic's out of their hands and then jumps into the ring. His fans begin to cheer but Lombard ignores them. After pacing for a minute he brings the microphone to his face and stares towards the ramp and the Titan Tron.

Lombard: "Trendkill. . .You think that sneaking up on me and attacking me by suprise gives you the right to a match for my title? You think that you can walk out here and just because you made me bleed you can challenge me to a title match on YOUR TERMS? I'll tell you what Trendkill...I'll fight you any time, anywhere, and in any way you want. BUT! If you want a shot at MY title. . .you had better BRING IT NOW!!!!!"

Lombard throws the microphone down to the ground and lifts the Honor Title Belt high in the air letting a primal yell fill the air. Lombards fans cheer wildly.
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PostSubject: here it comes beyotch!   Hardcore Title Match Icon_minitimeTue Aug 25, 2009 11:03 am

[The lights go off as 'Killing In The Name of' By Rage against the machine plays. Trendkill appears at the top of the rampway with chair in hand as pyrotechnics start popping. He has a mic in his hand and brings it to his mouth and starts laughing]

Trendkill - My my my Lombard dont we have a temper. When are you going to learn son, that you are the puppet and i am the puppeteer?...I mean look at you boy..your all riled up because i have outsmarted you, beat your ass all over the arena twice now and got up with little problem from your pathetic excuse for an attack on me. You just have to face facts, i am the master and your just my little b***h

[Lombard starts to pace, he looks really pissed off]

Trendkill - Whats wrong Lombard, you look a little irritated??..Was it is something i said??..Does the truth hurt??..I will tell you what will hurt Lombard..what will hurt is me walking down this ramp and kicking your ass yet again and proving once again that i am a god amongst mortal men and i am not just yours, but everyones master!

[Trendkill drops the microphone and runs at the ring, he jumps up on the apron, Lombard rushes him, throws a punch, Trendkill blocks it, takes a shortcut by poking Lombard in the eye. He then slips into the ring behind Lombard, attempts to turn him around for a clothesline, but Lombard blocks the attempt. Lombard whips Trendkill into the ropes, he comes off the ropes,Ducks a Lombard clothesline, bounces off the end ropes then they are each met with a clothesline and are both layed out in the middle of the ring flat on their backs]

(match starts)
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Kurt Cobain
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PostSubject: Re: Hardcore Title Match   Hardcore Title Match Icon_minitimeTue Aug 25, 2009 2:21 pm

(OOC: Hope you havent got anything agauinst it)

(anytime in the middle of the match)

Suddenly System of a down is heard everywhere in the arena playing " Science "

and Kurt Cobain comes out well dressed towards the ring. He passes it by and sits down at the commentary table , gets a headset and starts talkin'

Kurt Cobain: Hi RCW fans it's me Kurt Cobain givin' some feedback to this terrific match we see here

(OOC: can someone please, who knows the way the commentators are talking , do some dialogs with me?)
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PostSubject: Re: Hardcore Title Match   Hardcore Title Match Icon_minitime

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Hardcore Title Match
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