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 i want your title suicide

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i want your title suicide Empty
PostSubject: i want your title suicide   i want your title suicide Icon_minitimeMon Aug 24, 2009 1:02 pm

the lights in the arena go out as the ryns music comes on blue and red lights start flashing as he makes his way to the ringcrowd start booing

the ryn grabs the mic and gets in the ring

ryn:im out here tonight cuz i want to talk about my match with suicide last friday when the ref stopped the match. you were lucky that the ref stopped the match when he did cuz who knows what would of happend if the match went on ive got a few ideas what would of happend but im not out here to talk about that. im here cuz i want a rematch and your title on the line aswell. i know we got a show to get on with but im not leaving this ring till you come out here suicide and give me a title shot so u better make it quick and get out here

the ryn walks arond the ring waiting for suicide
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i want your title suicide
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