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 Suicide vs BMG III

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Suicide vs BMG III Empty
PostSubject: Suicide vs BMG III   Suicide vs BMG III Icon_minitimeTue Aug 25, 2009 8:37 pm

("We Gave it Hell" by 36 Crazyfists is played, the crowd know exactly who is coming out)


(bmg walks out to an angry audience, many anti-bmg signs are instantly raised up)

bmg: Thats right! Boo at me, show everyone watching this right now how immature you all can be. Boo at me to your hearts content. I will be here all night.

(bmg gets into the ring when fans begin to boo even louder, fans begin to throw trash into the ring, but bmg simply dodges it)

bmg: Come on, if you want me to leave why don't you all shut up. Didn't you all pay to see me wrestle? Don't waste all that money yelling at me, you may not get to see a National Title match.

Crowd: You suck! You suck! You suck! You suck!

(bmg brings a chair into the ring and sits down)

bmg: Have it your way, we can take a commercial break or something like that, until then I will sit here untill you losers calm down.

(After 5 minutes of intense booing.........)

bmg: Money well spent. I hope you realize I don't have to wrestle for you fat, ugly, nacho eating, ignorant, selfish, hopeless, girlfriendless losers. All you doing is making this night alot easier. That money you spend to watch this goes to people like me, thank you for filling up my car's tank, i apperciate it.

(the crowd then chants "you're an ***hole" towards bmg)

bmg: You guys are making my day, but I guess I'll start my little promo. Turn your attention to the titantron losers.

(the screen shows a match a long time ago before RCW was founded)

bmg: Losers, this was the first ever match between me and your current National Champion Suicide. I was a wet behind the ears rookie making my first impressions in a distant company known as TIW. After a few matches, I was granted my first title match against this man. I lost of course, but I managed to gain respect from the fans and some of the wrestlers on the roster at that time. Eventually I became the champion when Suicide was relieved of it. I liked being a champion, but I had a deep anger for not beating Suicide for it. Anyways, lets fast forward.

(The video then goes to an episode of Friday Night Chaos, showing the second match between bmg vs Suicide)

bmg: This match is the one that pisses me off the most. I was not ready for that contest, so I was beaten so easily, and then I earned a concussion after a monitor shot by Suicide after the match. This was around the origin of Blackout, so I was already thinking of ways to get him back. To make things worse, Gm of International Ring Sarah Channing placed a ban on me from having title shots if I lost, but thanks to the random generosity of FNC's George Steele, that ban was lifted and now I can compete for gold again. I found it funny that old man Steele would of all people who kept demanding to face Suicide all of a sudden give that shot to me. I guess it's his way of letting someone take Suicide's belt even if it's someone he hates. So nevertheless, I will take on my rival for the third time. I will take his gold once and for all. Show yourself Suicide, you know what to expect, it's hardcore rules, lets get started!

(bmg stands up and awaits Suicide)
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Suicide vs BMG III
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