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 [PV 23.10] Mapoko + MB vs Suicide + VanTaO

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[PV 23.10] Mapoko + MB  vs  Suicide + VanTaO Empty
PostSubject: [PV 23.10] Mapoko + MB vs Suicide + VanTaO   [PV 23.10] Mapoko + MB  vs  Suicide + VanTaO Icon_minitimeTue Oct 20, 2009 11:51 am

*After a long training session Michael Bay stands besides the backdoor of the arena and chats with one of his girls.*
*It is already dark outside and there are just few street lamps which light up the parking lots 20 feet away.*
MB: Well you know that was quite an easy thing. You will see that I'll make myself a star here in notime.
*Marina giggles as MB whispers something in his ear*
MB: And that's why the win against them will be more than easy. You know they can't stand the power of this!*
*Michael clenches his fist and contracts the muscels in his arm*
*A person is hiding behind the corner of the arena, watching them all the time.
After a cuple of minutes the unknown person walks toward MB and Marina with a rapid step*
MB: Hey Ginger what the hell did take you so long? Marina and me are waiting for half an hour now.
*Ginger gives a steely glance to Marina*
Ginger: Come on you know me Michael. A lady sometimes need a bit of time. Did you miss me?
*She looks at Michael Bay with wide eyes and then kisses him fast and hard but MB pushes her back*
MB: You are a strange girl Gigi, thats for sure. I wonder how you threat your enemies as you already try to eat your friends.
*Michael and Marina start laughing but Ginger just stares at MB*
*the back door slams*
*Two slim shadows appear and heading to Michael Bay.*
*As they go closer we can see they are Van.TaO with his blades and Suicide with a led pipe.*
Van.TaO : har har ... look whos here - The all famous casanova Michael Bay who cant even afford a hotel room for his girls and making out near the trash cans ...
MB : How the hell you found out where I am and more important - you have the guts to face me ? Even that you are two ?
*MB is flexing his muscles and his cheerleaders enjoy the view.
*Suicide turns to Van.Tao*
Suicide : Enough talk - lets just beat him up.
Van.TaO : No, No ... I know he can take the phisical pain.
*Van.TaO is pointing at one of the cheerleaders*
Van.TaO : Hey, Ginger, You can come clean now. Come here.
Suicide : Enough !
Suicide is heading to Michael Bay swinging with the pipe. MB Dodges and the pipe smashes one of the barrel's lid.
While MB is distracted by the screaming girls Van.TaO is clutching his arms.
Then Suicide is going for the kill swinging again.
Michael Bay falls unconcious on the ground then both of them start kicking him.
*In the chaos you can hear a roar of a racer bike.*
On the low light of the parking lamps you can see pretty pumped up either black or heavy tattooed guy making out with a girl.
While they come close you can Recognize Mapoko and his lady - Didona.
Mapoko : Hey, Punk! Dont waste your stamina on that hobo. I dont want excuses when I knock you unconcious!
Didona taps Mapoko on the shoulder
Didona : Isnt that Ginger ?
Mapoko : Who ?
Didona : One of Michael's girls
*Van.TaO turns to Mapoko with a evil smile*
Van.TaO : And guess whos the hobo, ha-ha.
*Then just ignore the treath and continue kicking Michael Bay in the torso area hopeing for the kill or at least vunerable in this area.*
Mapoko is pushing didona away and points at the bike then go berserk rushing and smashes everything on his path. Suicide comes fits on the way and mapoko smashes his body with his shoulder into the trash cans.
// Its not "The Spear" if you wonder //
Mapoko is mimbling : Cowards!
Then he is trying to kick Van.TaO, but he is faster and clutches Mapoko's face.
Van.TaO : Ha! Now its your time to suffer, freak!
Suicide is searching around for the pipe, but
before he can even swing a steel chain is hitting him in the neck, swinging around.
Mapoko is beaking the hold and start a puncing salvo on van.TaO's face and torso then swings him to the wall, then picking up Michael on his soulder and heading inside followed by Didona.
*While passing the coridors*
Mapoko : That cowards ... Attacking the kid that way ...
Didona : They know that if it was you they didnt stand any chance.
Mapoko : Good job with the chain back there. Bought valuable time. Unlike the kid I prefer to go with 1 girl who stands behind me than alot of one-night-stand cheerleaders.
*Didona hugs Mapoko and meanwhile checking is Michael OK*
In the locker room didona is spilling a bucket of water on michael's head.
Mapoko : Is he capable to at least stand on the turnbuckle ?
Didona : well ...
*Michael is waking up*
MB: What the hell happened? My head feels like was sleeping under a stampede.
*MB sets upright and looks at Mapoko*
MB: You? Where do you come from? Last thing I remember is this coward Van Tao with one of his pets.
MB: What the hell happened? My head feels like was sleeping under a stampede.
*MB sets upright and looks at Mapoko*
Mapoko : Well i would say they beat the hell out of you knowing that they don't stand a chance in the Ring. But thrust me i made sure that they won't take advantage out of it!
Mapoko : I'm just wondering if those scumbags piss off everyone they see or if try to hold US down here. Anyways do you think you will at least stay on your feet in the ring while i take care of them?
*MB sits up, holding his forehead with the right hand. Suddenly he shakes his head and stands up*
MB : I'll tell you what, it needs more than two thugs beating me to get me out of this match! So Let's go and crush them and any hope they have of becoming tag team champions as they deserve it!
*MB starts to walk towards the door but still seems to be a bit shaky*
Mapoko *sighs* : Oh man... Didona, please give him a hand.
*As they make their way to the arena Mapoko is walking first with a furious look in his eyes. Michael Bay follows him, sustained by Didona*

[To Mank or Hawky]
Make sure you spend some time with the comments and stick with the RP.
For example if there is lets say "Mapoko hits van.tao and interrupts the hold" you can add "Didona distracts the referee" or something.
Also few comments about Michael's state (slight injury) etc.

Still awaiting Suicide + Van RP from their point of view after they are left on the alley so ...
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[PV 23.10] Mapoko + MB  vs  Suicide + VanTaO Empty
PostSubject: Re: [PV 23.10] Mapoko + MB vs Suicide + VanTaO   [PV 23.10] Mapoko + MB  vs  Suicide + VanTaO Icon_minitimeTue Oct 20, 2009 12:06 pm

i'll provide to it ASAP, probably tomorrow Wink
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[PV 23.10] Mapoko + MB vs Suicide + VanTaO
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