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 Telan´s return

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Telan´s return Empty
PostSubject: Telan´s return   Telan´s return Icon_minitimeWed Aug 26, 2009 4:00 am

You can see Telan going too his Locker Room after he enter it he take the phone and makes a call.

artificial voice: Hello who is there?

Telan: Its me do you have finished what i asked for?

artficial voice: Yes it is complete you can come and get it when ever you want i even got the special grib you wannted.

Telan: Thats good i will come by tomorrow and get it thanks for the fast work goodbye.

Telan ends the call.

Telan: Today Bmg will get more gold for Blackout after it we will get the Honor Title from who ever holds it. Hmm my opponent today is Lucky nerver heard of oh well it not like it really matters if i win this match or not i will see in ring if i fight for real or just play around.
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Telan´s return
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