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 Shelly talks with M.O.P. (1st IR)

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Shelly talks with M.O.P. (1st IR) Empty
PostSubject: Shelly talks with M.O.P. (1st IR)   Shelly talks with M.O.P. (1st IR) Icon_minitimeThu Sep 17, 2009 9:59 pm

*Backstage, we see the door to Jason's office open slowly, and then we see Shelly standing with a mic outside the door. The Master of Puppets comes walking out of the office*

MOP: Ight, thanks Jason...oh, hey there Shelly

Shelly: Hi M.O.P., and welcome to RCW!!

MOP: Thanks Shelly, it's great to be here

Shelly: Well why don't you tell us a little bit about The Master of Puppets?

MOP: Alright Shelly, and may I say you look fabulous tonight

*Shelly blushes and the crowd cheers*

Shelly: Oh, thank you

MOP: No problem. Anyway, about me; I have had a very diverse career. I've been totally unknown, a top minor star and a champion, and I am ready to be a champion yet again. More personally, I'm 6'9", around 285 pounds, I love heavy metal music, specifically Metallica, as you can tell from what I'm wearing...

*The Master of Puppets points to his shirt*

MOP:...and my entrance music, as well as my name. I love sports, being around people and a lot of other things, and currently I'm unattached

*The Master of Puppets gives Shelly a friendly nudge, then she giggles and continues to ask questions*

Shelly: Well Master, I'm sure all of RCW is wondering how you feel about those big statements you made early in the show

MOP: Well, obviously, I am very confident that I can be RCW's next big star, but I know DaWolf is also very confident and is also a very good competitor. He isn't going to let me grab that title easily, but that's OK, because I don't care what it takes, I am going to win that title

Shelly: What were you doing in Jason's office a few moments ago?

MOP: Just some new wrestler stuff, you know, getting to know the boss, talking about earlier, stuff like that

Shelly: One last question Master, how do you think you will perform this evening?

MOP: Well Shelly, I can tell you, as well as the rest of the fans out there, that like always I am going to give it my all, and I am going to win tonight!! Because I am Pulling Your Strings, Twisting Your Mind and Smashing Your Dreams!! See you around, Shelly

*The Master of Puppets smiles at Shelly, then walks past. The camera shows Shelly smiling, then fades out*
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Shelly talks with M.O.P. (1st IR)
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