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 Shelly finds out about Mr. ESC

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Shelly finds out about Mr. ESC Empty
PostSubject: Shelly finds out about Mr. ESC   Shelly finds out about Mr. ESC Icon_minitimeThu Oct 08, 2009 3:13 pm

Space Trucker returns home after the encounter with Mr ESC.
Shelly is in the kitchen,making dinner.
As he enters.Shelly comes out of the kitchen to greet him,but she freezes as she sees ST's torn jeans and his dirty jacket.

"What the hell happened?" she asked.
"I fell off the bike" ST replied smiling!
"You fell off the bike?YOU fell off the bike?You and the Fat Boy are like a f**kin' centaur-there's no way you could fall off your bike!And you're smiling!So,why don't you just cut the crap and tell me what really happened?"
Shelly said clearly frustrated.
"Well,I kinda rammed a guy!" ST said laughing!
"You RAMMED a guy?" Shelly said in shock "Why the hell did you do that for?"
"Honey,he was talking sh*t about you!" ST protested!
"What?Wait a sec,I'm losing you!" Shelly said confused!
"Ok,sit down and I'll explain" ST said.
They sat on the couch and he told her the whole story...

"What a jerk!" Shelly shouted when ST finished "and you left him in one piece?God,I'll rip his cojones off!"
"Oh come on now,he's just another show off,trying to piss me off and make a name out of it,in any case,his ego is severely wounded and his bike is for sh*t!"
ST said,trying to calm her down.
"He may do whatever he pleases with you" Shelly replied,still in anger "but he insulted me!"
"He paid!" ST said
"Not the full bill" Shelly replied "he involved me,so he must deal with me too!"
ST sighed.
"Can we forget it for now and order some chinese-I'm starving!"
"What are you talking about?I'm cooking!"Shelly protested!
"Not anymore honey-right now,you're incinerating the steaks,can't you smell the smoke?" ST said laughing!
"OH,CRAP!!!!" Shelly cursed and rushed to the kitchen!
A WHOOSH!!! sounded and cloud of smoke emerged from the kitchen,as Shelly threw the frying pan in the kitchen sink.
A few moments later,she came out of the kitchen,with black stamps of smoke on her clothes,smelling scorched meat!

"You and your stories!"she cried "Look at me!"
ST started laughing and said "My love,you're beautiful as always!"
"OH,STOP IT!" she screamed!
ST stood up and took her into his arms,until she calmed down.
"Let me take us out for dinner" he said.
"Like that?We look like crap and we smell too!" Shelly said, "Besides,it's getting late!"
"Then we'll take a shower together-it will save us time." ST said.
"Oh,no,it won't!" Shelly said smiling!
It didn't save them time,but it was time well spent! Smile
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Shelly finds out about Mr. ESC
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