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 Kapito Backstage

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PostSubject: Kapito Backstage   Kapito Backstage Icon_minitimeWed Oct 07, 2009 9:49 am

Shelly Connors spots Kapito making his way out of the GM’s office. With mic in hand she quickly makes her way towards Kapito.

Shelly: Kapito how are you welcome to RCW.

Kapito: Thanks it’s good to be here.

Shelly: You have a big match on tonight against Jarzan. We all know that he is a submission master having his last two opponents tap out.

Kapito: Well that may be the case Shelly but let me tell you. Jarzan does have the moves but he is up against me now. We are talking about power and speed. I am at the peak of my career I have out muscle and out manoeuvrered some of the best fighters.

Shelly: You very sure of yourself.

Kapito: That’s because when I put my mind towards something I usually get it. At the moment I have one aim and that is to be the best here on RCW. Let me tell you tonight Jarzan will feel the might of Kapito. So Jarzan bring it on.

Shelly: Well what can I say I am sure the fans will be looking forward to this encounter here later on tonight.
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Kapito Backstage
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