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 Backstage Interview

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Kurt Cobain
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PostSubject: Backstage Interview   Backstage Interview Icon_minitimeSun Aug 16, 2009 6:06 pm

Mario Gueste is standing backstage next to Kurt Cobain with a microphon in his hand

Mario Gueste: Ladies and gentleman , I'm standing backstage with RCW's newest signing , Kurt Cobain!

You can hear cheers from the fans in the arena

Mario Gueste: Kurt , welcome to RCW , your first night already started troublesome , What do you say to the actions of Lombard , Thunderhawk and Blackout?

Kurt Cobain: Well , Mario . It's great to be here in RCW!!!

Huge ovations by the fans

Kurt Cobain: What do i have to say ?!?! Let's sum up the things we witnessed earlier !! Me making my debut , Lombard , the RCW Honor Champion , coming out then hitting me with a Chokeslam !!Lombard and me facing later tonight , and then Blackout coming out , running their mouth.....

Kurt Cobain stops ... and smiles

...just what a night makes interesting for Kurt Cobain!!

Kurt Cobain takes the mic from Mario Gueste and gets nearer to the camera and looks directly into it

Kurt Cobain: Lombard , hitting me with a Razorwire Chokeslam ... BIG MISSTAKE!! But with you i will get even in my match later tonight!! Now to you , you Blackout idiots. It seems like you had your "Blackout" when you had the idea to come out there to the ring and running your mouth about me Lombard and Thunderhawk. But , as the cowards who you are , you didn't even come to the ring to say it IN MY FACE!! Lombard and Thunderhawk had the guts to come to me and say everything they like in the ring right into my face but you three hided back there. You should be warned , no one will get me away from my goals , so be afraid , 'cause Kurt , is comin'!!!

Kurt pushes the mic into the hands of Mario Gueste and rushes away
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Backstage Interview
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