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 Interview with Lombard

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Interview with Lombard Empty
PostSubject: Interview with Lombard   Interview with Lombard Icon_minitimeWed Aug 19, 2009 10:52 am

The camera zooms in on Lombard as he is pacing back and forth in his locker room. It is obvious by his demeanor that something is bothering him. Aimee Rainfor approaches him cautiously.

Aimee Rainfor: "Lombard, how are you feeling fater the vicious attack you recieved from Trendkill last week after the show?"
Lombard looks up at Aimee with a scoul on his face and hesitates before he speaks. Seeming to gather his thoughts.

Lombard: "Aimee...the attack on me last week was vicious. It was brutal. And I won't lie. I won't play some hero and try to pretend that I wasn't hurt. In fact I am still in pain from the attack. But none of that matters. I have a job to do and I am here to do it."

Aimee Rainfor : "Speaking of that job, how do you feel going into tonights match against Kurt Cobain? Will the pain you are in make a victory difficult?"

Lombard pauses again for a moment before speaking, struggling to keep his face calm.

Lombard: "Aimee, any match against Kurt would be difficult. Kurt is a great wrestler. I'm not going to use anything as an excuse for my performance tonight. He had just better pray I don't mistake him for Trendkill tonight. I will give the match everyth..."

In the background Trendkill's music begins to play on the titan tron before his match. Lombard stops speaking mid sentance and begins to finger the razorwire chain that hangs around his neck. A very angry expression comes over his face as he takes the razorwire chain from his neck and begins to wrap it around his fist. Abruptly Lombard turns from Aimee with no explanation and walks away. Lombard kicks the door down on his way out of the locker room and vanishes down the hallway.
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Interview with Lombard
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