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 IR 23/8 Backstage Interview

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IR 23/8 Backstage Interview Empty
PostSubject: IR 23/8 Backstage Interview   IR 23/8 Backstage Interview Icon_minitimeMon Aug 17, 2009 8:27 am

You can see Tom Robinson backstage.

Tom Robinson: My interview partner now, he just joined me : TheRock!

The camera zooms out and theRock's face also appears on the screen. The fans start booing and right away TheRock smiles.

theRock: Yeah... I like you,too.

Tom Robinson: Well, Rock. You will face Thunderhawk in about five minutes. With which emotions do you go in that match?

The smile becomes a loud laugh.

TheRock: Emotions? Everyone knows that i hate this guy and i surely won't foget that if I stand in the ring with him...

Tom Robinson: And I guess you will win, right?

TheRock: Exactly..

Rock seems to be bored by the questions of Tom Robinson.

Tom Robinson: You saw Lombard's Interview two days ago at Friday Night Chaos?

Now TheRock begins to smile again.

TheRock: Yes I did. Really nice one by kurt. I mean.... thankfully he didn't start singing again. Otherwise he talked trash about blackout. WE are no cowards... no for sure not. I rather would say that we are smart not coming down to the three. You fans should thank us for staying on the ramp. Elsewise your heroes big thunderhawk and little Lombard would have beaten down one more time. So? How about thanking us?

"Boooooo"-Chants even are getting louder.

TheRock: I give Thunderbird five minutes in the Ring with me. Then he will lie on the ground and will whine for mercy. Want to bet, too, Tommy?

Tom Robinson: No. No.... Thanks for your time, Rock.

TheRock: No Problem Tom.

TheRock pats Tom on his shoulder and goes away.
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IR 23/8 Backstage Interview
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